All courses available from Learn to Drive Galway: 

EDT (Essential Driver Training)

As of 4th April 2011, you must undertake the Essential Driver Training (EDT) before you can take the driving test. The driving trainer course of 12 lessons can only be taken with a qualified Instructor or ADI. The course is designed to cover the critical driving skills.

  1. Car Controls and Safety Checks
  2. Correct Positioning 
  3. Changing Direction
  4. Progression Management
  5. Correct Positioning
  6. Anticipation and Reaction
  7. Sharing the Road
  8. Driving Safely through Traffic
  9. Changing Direction (More complex situations)
  10. Speed Management
  11. Driving Calmly
  12. Night Driving

After each EDT lesson the Driving Instructor will stamp the appropriate page of your logbook and give feedback on the lesson. 

Remember EDT is only part of learning to drive and students will need, on the road practice, and most will require more than the 12 lessons on the EDT course.

Refresher Courses

As we all know the volume of traffic around Galway (and indeed all Irish cities) has increased dramatically over the last number of years. We offer a refresher course to people who, for various reasons, are nervous about driving in the city.


  1. New residents in the city, who would like to become familiar with roundabouts – e.g. Galway Shopping Centre Roundabout and gain a familiarity with driving in the city.
  2. People who may not have had the need to drive regularly in the city and would like just a little encouragement to help them contend with increased volume

Your Lesson

Your Lesson

  • We will always try to take you at a time convenient to you. 
  • Lessons are one hour-long; we will accommodate you with longer lessons if required. 

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What We Provide

    • We cater for all driving levels from learner (nervous beginners welcome) to pre-test and beyond. 
    • Driving lessons in student or Instructor’s car. 
    • Dual Control cars 

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Gift Vouchers 

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers - No expiry date

The perfect gift for special occasions.

Call us on 086 - 3895722 or e-mail:

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Booking a Lesson

Essential Driver Training

To enquire about EDT (Essential Driver Training) text EDT to 086 3895722 we will call you back.


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